Financial Planning for Business Startups

The way you structure your business now will have long-term consequences for years to come. I can guide you through the process for forming your company.

Our Services

Incentive Plans to Attract Talented Employees

You want to attract top talent, but you can’t afford high salaries and you aren’t prepared to make them full partners. What do you do? We can help you structure alternative incentive packages, including:
  • An equity participation agreement
  • A phantom stock plan with a graduated vesting schedule
  • A deferred compensation plan
  • A profit-based bonus tool

Factors to Consider When Starting a Business

Here are just some of the issues that come up as you start a new business. We can help you evaluate the financial implications of each one and structure appropriate agreements for your attorney to draft.
  • How much is each partner expected to invest?
  • How much time will each devote to the ongoing management of your business?
  • How will the profits and risks be shared?
  • What if one partner becomes incapacitated?
  • If a partner wants to leave, how will the other(s) buy him or her out without harming cash flow?
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