Monitoring and Growing Your Business

Helping my clients grow their business is the most important thing that I do

Preparation of tax returns and financial statements is scorekeeping. Knowing where your business is headed is more important than where it has been. Your accountant should help you focus on the future and not dwell on the past.

Too often, business owners experience a bustle of sales activity, only to find themselves running out of cash. Or they reinvest profits in an ambitious expansion, without fully analyzing their operating costs and cash needs.

It starts with a comprehensive business plan

What are your short-term and long-term cash needs? How much should you draw from your reserves and how much should you borrow? I can help you determine your capital requirements so that you allocate the necessary reserves and meet with lenders as a fully informed client. I’ll help you chart a long-term path for your company’s growth, so that you can choose from alternatives that move you forward along that path.

Managing your cash flow

Project your income and cash flow and see how much cash is available for your operational and financial obligations. You’ll avoid unpleasant surprises and make sounder business decisions. I'll show you how to do it.

Ongoing financial monitoring and budgeting

If you don’t monitor it, you can’t manage it. I will help you implement systems to keep an eye on your spending. When a given category runs higher than expected, you can investigate the causes and regain control.

At intervals that make sense for your business, I can also come in to analyze your balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow statements, helping make sure your business stays on a solid footing.

Fraud prevention

Each year, millions of dollars are stolen from small companies by trusted employees. I will help you implement simple controls and procedures that minimize that risk.

Incentive plans to attract and retain key employees

You want to retain your key employees, but you can’t afford high salaries and you aren’t prepared to make them full partners. What do you do? I can help you structure alternative incentive packages, including:

  • An equity participation agreement
  • A phantom stock plan with a graduated vesting schedule
  • Deferred compensation agreement
  • A profit-based bonus pool

The Importance of Capitalization

Not all stories have happy endings. A client of ours had a habit of paying bills with cash from customer advances. He ignored our recommendation to obtain a working capital loan while business was good.

When the customer advances decreased, cash flow became a serious problem, but the bank was no longer willing to lend to his company.


"To demonstrate my gratitude to the employees who helped grow my business, I promised them a financial interest in my company. Everyone loves the phantom stock plan you designed. My employees love it because they clearly see how their ‘piece of the pie’ is determined. I love it because I retain management control."

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